Whitecloud 9 Metre Trailer Launch

The Whitecloud 9m Trailer Launch is a game changer; it’s a whole new category of fibreglass production water craft, a concept driven by a shortage of marina berths, spiralling costs and limited recreational time. Yes, this is the boat you have been waiting for.

The Concept

We believe Whitecloud is the first of a completely new type of craft - the Trailer Launch. This isn’t a compromise, a big tinny or a stretched existing hull; this is a boat that has been designed from the keel up specifically for the purpose.

And nothing has been held back - nearly five years and over a million dollars have been spent in getting the boat to market and the result, we hope you will agree, has been worth it. Three years ago a timber forerunner of this boat was debuted and it was used to further develop the hull, the systems and the overall concept, before a plug was built and a fibreglass mould created.

The Trailerable Launch

We don’t just mean a big trailer boat. When you check the engineering, the hardware, the use of space and recognise the range and ability of this boat, you will realise that it has more capability than many larger launches. 

Whitecloud developed because there was a need for bigger boats that could be removed and stored out of the water that could also be launched from boat ramps and towed around the country, without compromising on space or seakeeping.

We recognised the limitations of the current generation of big alloy craft; however no such alloy boat can have a hull shape as developed and faired as can be created in a fibreglass female mould. Nor can it achieve the fit and finish that we can with traditional fibreglass and timber construction.

We expect many owners to opt for making their Whitecloud trailerable. A lot of engineering work has been performed on perfecting that part. We formed a development partnership with DMW Trailers to build a completely new class of dedicated trailer.

A Class 2 licence is required to tow the boat, a very simple addition to your standard driving licence.


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